d.m.h is Dingemans Mechanische Horloges

Fred Dingemans was fascinated by mechanical wrist watches. After a career in fine mechanics he acquired machinery to produce parts for watches. This way he obtained some old machines his father worked with and Fred, as a child, played with. Fred restored the machines entirely and now they are like new and good to go for many decades to come.

In his atelier behind his picturesque dyke house, Fred creates his watches. The case and crown construction are designed by Fred, as well as all other parts. All these parts are produced in-house on the restored machines, which Fred knows so well.

The movements used in d.m.h watches are new old stock Tenor Dorley movements. These movements where very popular in the 1970’s for jumping hour watches with a very futuristic design. The N.O.S. movements are entirely disassembled, cleaned, oiled and assembled again by master watchmaker Frans de Groot, before they are used.

Every watch will be designed together with the customer. A choice of colors for the dial, different hands and different ways to display time. Fred’s ideal was to

  • create and produce as much as possible of the parts himself
  • do this in like a craftsman
  • involve customers in the production and all choices that can be made
  • and have full attention for his watch resulting in a limited production of 24 pieces a year